Canvas Earning Tips Health

Canvas Earning Tips Health – The Business Model Canvas is a great way to sketch an idea, allowing it to be understood, tested and improved.

This tool is a single page with nine linked boxes that show you how to make every part of your business a success.

Canvas Earning Tips Health

Canvas Earning Tips Health

It takes 15-30 minutes to complete one, and this guide makes the process clear and simple.

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We watch some entrepreneurs fill their beds – it’s easier if you see someone else.

The great thing about this is that we now have a yardstick by which to evaluate our ideas and some inspiration for creative ways to achieve those goals.

There is no specific order to follow in Kanai, although I found it to be a good place to start.

Your business is customer-centric, and the people you trust will be motivated enough to try your new product/service in exchange for something.

What Is Business Model Canvas Coaching?

First, we divide our customers into groups, describing each of them by common characteristics, such as small business owners, students, parents, etc.

Remember that our customers are the people who make the decisions and pay for our products/services (not to be confused with end users or beneficiaries).

We want to understand how our products/services improve their lives, and customers will happily pay us for that value.

Canvas Earning Tips Health

They love the brush aesthetics and the action story. It’s a simple way to do something great.

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2. Mothers with young children who wish to create an awareness of environmental responsibility in their daily decisions.

They love the custom colors of each brush, and by making brushing fun, they’ll be happy with their kids twice a day.

They value student engagement and it’s a great way to incorporate NAIDOC Week each year.

They enjoy learning customs, connecting with nature and the land, and feeling like a weekend away from the distractions of the day.

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They like to have interesting brands that attract customers and spicy sauces without sacrificing taste.

Now that we have a clear picture of who we serve and how we are going to make them happy, we can design three things: how to get them, how to keep them, and how to engage with them.

The channel box is our first opportunity to explain how we meet our customers and how we communicate our values.

Canvas Earning Tips Health

For example, your business might find customers through Google Ads or Facebook, then serve customers through face-to-face workshops or drop-shipping packages.

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If so, does it have to be a specific person or does it have to be the same each time it comes back?

By understanding our customers, their desires and preferences, we can identify the best ways to recruit and retain them for years to come.

Josh – Our sources of acquisition are Instagram and word of mouth, but our primary delivery channel is mail order.

If we find a way to tell that story and show them how awesome the product is, it’s easy to get orders.

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Kylie and Dan – Personal referrals are our best way to buy, but we want to find new ways to reach elementary school decision makers, who typically make decisions six months in advance.

Many of our customers return year after year, so we focus on acquiring new customers, especially during peak periods.

Anna – Supermarkets and cafes need a face-to-face encounter, to hear the story and see the product in person.

Canvas Earning Tips Health

Retention is difficult, so a long-term personal relationship with each manager is essential.

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These three boxes describe how a business works “behind the scenes,” that is, all of the operational components that make value propositions a reality.

We want to list all the key ingredients, key processes and valuable allies that make our business grow.

This is not a complete inventory, but rather a list of resources which, if lost, will prevent the transaction.

Key activities are the processes and tasks that must be completed to serve customers. Plastic Canvas 10 Mesh 10 1/2

For example, if you go on vacation, what should your replacement do to make sure everything goes well?

These three boxes provide some flexibility in how you can outsource tasks that aren’t your core competencies to your partner, or how you can save money or improve quality by doing things in-house.

Josh – Most resources and activities are best done by bamboo and brush growing partners.

Canvas Earning Tips Health

Kylie and Dan – The most important resources are Kylie and Dan, as their knowledge and reliability make the whole operation possible.

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They are now looking for a partner who can take the leadership roles away from the founders and bring them into new schools.

Key activities include targeting new supermarkets and cafes, maintaining existing relationships and fulfilling orders received through the website.

This means understanding quantity (how our costs/prices are determined) and frequency (how we get repeat customers/accounts).

Cost Structure 7-8 Top Expenses – How much we spend, how often we spend and change as sales decline.

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These include payments for rent, salaries, raw materials, advertising, store coordination or other parties.

A revenue stream is the price each customer typically pays, as well as how often they return.

This helps us distinguish big spenders from one-time buyers and highlights which gifts will be pre-sold versus which will be sold in the months and years to come.

Canvas Earning Tips Health

While these boxes are not a substitute for proper financial modeling, they at least give us the ability to make basic assumptions such as contribution margins and break-even points.

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It also gives us the opportunity to reflect on our pricing strategy – smart pricing can dramatically increase the profitability of your new business.

Josh – The main costs of doing business are brush purchases (recurring costs that decrease as orders increase), customer acquisition costs (advertising and content creation) and order fulfillment costs ( packaging, postage and staff time). ).

This needs to be diversified, either through complimentary gifts such as flowers or mouthwash, or by selling larger orders to different customers, or by selling individual brushes.

Kylie and Dan – Kylie and Dan themselves are the top expenses, followed by management, travel, and marketing expenses (tickets, materials, etc.).

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Weekend camps are limited to 18 locations at $375 each, so revenue depends on the number of camps held each year.

Anna – From bottles to sauces, there’s a long list of expenses, including shipping and branding, as well as administrative and sales staff salaries.

All revenue comes from the same product – 450ml bottles of sauce – but at different volumes and prices.

Canvas Earning Tips Health

Instead, Kanai guides our thoughts. If we make a promise somewhere on the right, it should also line up in one of the boxes on the left.

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If we want to maintain a personal relationship with each customer, it is part of our core business and our cost structure.

This does two things: it highlights potentially overlooked activities and resources that are critical to success, and it forces us to rethink costs that don’t directly contribute to the value proposition.

We want Kanai to be as clear as possible, both for our own benefit and to explain ideas to others.

One way to understand the right side is to color code each customer segment. This highlights the value propositions that will delight each customer the most and what they bring to each revenue stream.

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It’s not a good idea to give a complete gift to someone new – there’s too much to take in.

This makes the trade-off easier to understand and ultimately provides richer value for the model.

Even if you list a few words in each box, it will take you about 6-8 minutes to fully explain the concept and dispel many misconceptions.

Canvas Earning Tips Health

For this reason, we start by assuming that all the words on this page are hypotheses, and our next task is to check them, starting with the most critical words.

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I’ve found this is made easier with a simple hypothesis map, which asks you to name the big assumptions, choose a way to measure truth, and set pass/fail criteria.

The research must be done with real people, and they must be people in your customer base.

When talking to your customers, don’t just point fingers; rather than using all the same terms, it’s best to ask natural questions that help you fill in each box.

Josh wants to test new products with his existing customers, but is also considering business class airlines and luxury hotels, as they both want to provide toothbrushes to their customers while being environmentally responsible.

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Kylie and Dan experiment with a new style of fascinator

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